Broken Windows

Reflections of a Fool


This book of verse spans over a quarter of century and is divided into three sections. Book One contains the poetry written during the author's teens and originally published in audio form by The Library of Congress for their hearing impaired visitors. Book Two contains poetic chapter headers from the author's three novels and Book three boasts the author's first full length poem in 30 years, plus an older one he has rewritten. "Broken Windows, Reflections of a Fool" spans over 25 years of writing. The book deals with the human condition and has something for everyone.

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Faithful Lady

Posted by Terry D. Robertson on November 24, 2009 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (2)

Faithful Lady

With a heart filled with pain

I gave that to you

Now you give me the same

Restless woman, you are living

Without grace

Yet you keep on giving

But I don’t know your face

Love is a painted veil

And your mind runs too free

But the shadow always follows

And your heart is empty and hollow now

Like a bamboo reed


TerryD. Robertson